Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Final 20 Time Update

As of now I believe that my 20 Time Project "Cards 4 a Cure" has been a very successful learning experience.  At this point my partner Maddy and I have began the official planning for for the project. The two of us have began the process of collecting the donations for the cards. When the donations are collected we will then begin making the cards. We have not decided officially when this will be completed. We are sticking to our original plan of donating the cards that we made in addition to the money that was collected to the Children's Center of Hershey Medical Center. The both of us are really looking forward to completing this project.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Opportunities

With my passion, which I have identified as giving, there are many career opportunities for me to go through with. I have narrowed it down into a few careers that I would like to pursue in the future. Anything that will be able to give something to someone in a major way or a very minor way can be done by fulfilling this passion. I would like to do something that I genuinely like to do. I think I would enjoy becoming an event coordinator, but something I found I didn't like was the salary it makes, as well as the lack of courses that are really necessary for this career in college. There are really no specific courses meant for Event Coordinating where as there are many needed for Occupational Therapy.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Process for a Cure

The Process for a Cure 

So far, my partner Maddy and I are pretty far in the process of this project. We have completed the basis for our idea and how we are going to do it. We are still undecided with what organization we want and are able to do.
Through this I have really figured out what i am truly passionate about and what I enjoy doing most. Which is being able to make other peoples day better. 
My partner and I, always have a backup plan for every step of this project so far. Problem solving is our main work ethic for this project. We learned how to change our ideas and locations for the project when the first time didn't work out the way we wanted it too. 
I have experienced contacting the authorities myself as a real world experience. They enhanced our problem solving when the first location we called did not get back to us. It has been easy for us so far to come up with new ideas for the project for example, a donation page. The little details like advertising the project has been a challenge but we are working to figure it out. 
We have learned to take responsibility and respond quickly to the obstacles we have faced so far. 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Contacting the Authority

Contacting the Authority

After putting a lot of thought into where Maddy and I would like to share this idea with, we have decided last minute that we would like to donate to another organization. Somewhere where we are sure that they have kids staying for longer periods of time, and also where we have a better chance of someone's Birthday passing while we are doing this project. We have not yet contacted this organization but we plan on donating to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. The two of us do not plan on changing any aspect of the project besides the location of where we are donating.
When we do contact the organization we are hoping to receive all of the information in order to perform this donation.

Seeking Expert Advice

Seeking Expert Advice

We will be contacting the administrator or the manager of the Youth Development Center of York. We will be asking them if they would be willing to let us donate Birthday Cards to the kids in their foundation. In order to complete this project we will need a list of the children's names in the organization, their birthday, and also perhaps and interesting fact about the child to specialize their card with. We are hoping to receive this information via email.  My partner Maddy and I plan to make this project last throughout the year to give everyone the Birthday Wish that they deserve.

Giving is My Passion

Giving is my Passion

For my 20 Time Project, my partner Maddy and I have decided we want to do something special for kids that are much less fortunate than we are. We made the decision to send Birthday Cards to kids without homes at the Youth Development Center of York.

We decided that this would be a good idea because sometimes the simplest things like wishing someone a Happy Birthday can have a bigger impact than you may think. Especially to kids with much less than most.
Seeing someone's reaction to receiving something so little, is one of the most humbling experiences a person could have.